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Acting up
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Check out "Acting Up" which is a promotional video produced as a pitching item in 2012.

The Cosmic SNAG was my first ever short film when a young Producer from the Media Resource Centre offered to help make it. I wrote the script, did a story board, found the locations and actors, and directed it with the help of the crew I used to make the film.

Since then I decided the best way to make films was to gain some experience working on other peoples' short films as Production Manager, Runner, Director, boom operator etc.

In 2016 I started to film shorts on a home movie camera, Panasonic HDV - HC750M
and taught myself how to edit with a training course from on the web.
The film Ghostly Mother in Law was shot on this camera and for the first time I shot film using a green screen from the City Library, using actors I knew.
I answered a callout by the MRC to help Relationships Australia make a film about the repercussions of gambling with one of their groups and together we made a film called "Neighbourhood Lost" written by Sharon Hollamby. This was entered into a small festival at Mt Barker and won the Audience choice award. It can be found on Vimeo.

I had also made a number of little short films documentary style which were shown at "Pubflics". This is a film group who meet the last Tuesday of each month from 7.15 pm at The Grace Emily Hotel in Waymouth St Adelaide. In 2017 "Pubflics" is changing from the last Tuesday of the month to the third Tuesday, for anyone interested.

In 2017 I wanted to continue making films and commenced to write a short film about changing people, which is based now on the seven deadly sins, and the seven heavenly virtues. This turned into a series of short films (a web series) which I'm placing on Youtube as I complete each episode, so others can watch as well as the few people who come along to "Pubflics".

I decided that, rather than trying to be a "lone wolf", and doing it all myself, I'd ask other film makers to help with the filming whilst I directed. I'm loving the whole process of working now with a small crew of helpful people. This is a "no budget" series, self funded, so no-one gets paid a wage, but I pay for costumes and catering etc to show my appreciation. Actors have all been wonderful as well as my crew, and everyone has been enjoying the exeperience.

Next year I'm thinking about filming a feature I wrote some time ago (this is another of my dreams) but I'm not sure if I can do it without any investors, so if anyone reading this is interested in investing in it for a big credit such as "Executive Producer" please get in touch with me to discuss. It will not be a big budget film as it's light drama.