Presently, Cosmic Productions Oz is seeking investment finance for Film and/or Television productions.

The Producer at present, Clorine, who has written several stage plays and four feature films, all in various stages of development,as well as the current five one hour episodes of "Players", is seeking interest from professionals in the TV or Film Industry who are looking for low budget product. (check out my Youtube videos page for links to my films).

Clorine, , having produced the short film "The Cosmic SNAG", five episodes of a TV series for women titled "21st Century Woman" for channel 31 (Now channel 44) and the promo trailer for "Players", now has a Production team ready and willing to get this project to air on a TV networks sometime in the near future.

With all the new TV channels there would now be a bigger market for networks to be seeking brand new local Australian programs to fill up quotas.

If you are interested, and can help with finance and/or investment advice, please contact Clorine.

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Investment opportunities

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